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Working Together in South Africa

Khuluma Education: Working Together to Support Students with Special Needs in South Africa...


We are honoured to collaborate with Autism South Africa and Autism Western Cape in their work to promote autism awareness and to offer families and professionals throughout South Africa effective support, strategies and solutions for the learning and language needs of students on the autism spectrum.








We are also thrilled to collaborate with Inclusive Solutions  in providing effective interventions for families and schools supporting Learners with Special Needs across South Africa:


"Inclusive Solutions provides the widest range of Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) products and adapted computer access resources in South Africa. Their products enable people with complex disabilities to do the things they would like to do, removing barriers and improving quality of life. Inclusive Solutions' expert team will assist you to find the solutions that work, no matter how severe or complex the challenges might be. They provide accredited training, consultancy, product trials and assessments. Visit their website here."




Khuluma Education: Working in Partnership with NPOs in South African Mainstream Schools...


Khuluma Education are excited to be working in partnership with South African Non-Profit Organisations (NPOs) to offer mainstream schools an effective English Language teaching tool for their young learners with English as a First Additional Language.


We are proud to be working alongside Click Foundation and Adopt a School Foundation  to offer GemIIni DVM to classes in disadvantaged schools around South Africa.






Child Sponsorship

Please contact us if you are keen to help fund our English language projects in South Africa, in special education and mainstream schools...


To those who can afford this program it is a low cost intervention, costing R250 (per student, per month) for unlimited access to the online video modeling program. 

For children and schools from disadvantaged communities, who could not afford this low cost fee, we are busy developing a sponsorship program... 


Those who are able to kindly sponsor a child in South Africa to learn to speak English will cover the low cost of a child accessing the GemIIni Program, of around £15 or $25 per child, a month.


The generosity of a sponsor equips a South African child from a poorer community to reach their learning potential, helping them to succeed in school and in their future life.


To find out more about our sponsorship program, please complete our contact form by clicking here.