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Working with Parents, Schools and Therapists 

Khuluma Education were recently invited on Cape Talk Radio for an interview with Pippa Hudson, with two local class teachers and a parent who all use GemIIni DVM with their learners. You can hear our interview by clicking this link...



Khuluma Education: Working with Parents


Khuluma Education has a growing number of parents  across South Africa who are registered to use the GemIIni DVM  program at home with their children, either online on a laptop or using the GemIIni Session Viewer App on their iPad, Tablet or Smart Phone.

We now have subscribers using GemIIni DVM  in 7 of the 9 South African Provinces (Western Cape, Eastern Cape, KZN, Mpumalanga, Limpopo, NW Province and Gauteng)...


A Recent Parent Testimony From Johannesburg...

"We had an appointment with our doctor in November 2014. My son was still not talking by his 3rd birthday in November 2014. He had a maximum of 5 words and was not potty trained at that time.

Our doctor suggested that we try the GemIIni program. I found out it could be done at a lesser price though Khuluma. We paid in the first week of December 2014 and started by the 2nd week of that month. We started with the potty training video. He was potty trained within 2 weeks! What I am grateful for most is the potty training video. It had made our lives much easier.

He can speak more words now. He can name kitchen utensils, types of food, body parts, can read any number from 0 to 20 (not in sequence), can name modes of transport and can follow many instructions. He has accomplished this in 3 months and I am confident that he will have learnt more by the end of the year. It is the best intervention so far."


To register your child to start using the GemIIni DVM teaching tool click here...



Khuluma Education: Working with South African Schools

Khuluma Education are pleased to have developed partnerships with a number of South African schools. We are keen to continue to develop our outreach to other schools across South Africa... 


The following South African schools and resource centres now have subscription agreements to use the GemIIni video modeling program within their classes:


Western Cape:

Oakley House School


Vera School for Learners with Autism


SNAP Education


Kidstart Early Intervention Centres (North & South)  


The DreamTree School


Michael Academy 


iThemba Labantu Pre-school




LUCCA Support and Care Centre


Amazing K School


Johannesburg Hospital School for Autism


Con Amore School 



Kwa-Zulu Natal: 

Capulum College, Hilton




Babbelbekkies Pre-School


To register your School to start using the GemIIni DVM teaching tool, click here...



Khuluma Education: Working with Speech Therapists

A number of Speech Therapists around South Africa (currently in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Pretoria, Rustenburg and KZN) are registered to use the GemIIni DVM program with their learners, and we are keen to grow this number of therapists on our South African GemIIni  team...


The GemIIni Program is not aiming to replace speech therapy, rather it is a highly significant teaching tool for educators, therapists and parents to all use and support a child's language needs.


GemIIni is most effective when it is embraced by speech therapists and teachers to use the sessions within therapeutic sessions or in class, and combined with children accessing the videos at home and continuing their learning 'out of hours' in their natural, home environment!


A Speech Pathologist Testimonial, from Cape Town...

A speech and language pathologist, after using the GemIIni DVM program with her learners for a few weeks, stated:  

“My qualitative observations are that learners that are difficult to motivate are now taking part in the group, sitting still, focusing, turn taking, repeating some of the words, and some learners appear calmer. The predictability of the videos may explain the calming effect they have. For the first time in 3 years some learners are showing an understanding of prepositions, on a kinesthetic and object level which is very important for functional vocational skills.

Thank you for this opportunity it has truly revolutionised the way I conduct therapy and appears to be a great learning tool for the learners that have been exposed to it. I am looking forward to seeing the effects of a longer period of use of the videos.”


To register as a speech therapist to start using GemIIni DVM in your practice, click here...